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A financially informed management corps in Government.
Vulindlela has its roots within the objective of National Treasury to promote effective financial management within the public sector in respect of:


The Vulindlela Financials Application has been developed to assist managers and decision makers with information as required by National Treasury who has to comply with the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA). Reports are available for all National and Provincial departments currently on BAS as well as Police and Defence.

Human Resources

The Vulindlela Human Resources Application has as its objective the equipment and empowerment of Human Resources management in Government to meet annual reporting requirements on issues as required by various Acts and Regulations.

Supply Chain Management

Notes to annual financial Statements: The purpose of notes to the financial statements is to supplement information already disclosed in the primary statements, i.e. the statement of financial performance, statement of financial position, statement of net assets and the cash flow statement.